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Joining Athlone Credit Union Limited is one of the best decisions you could make.

In order to become a member  the following original documents are required at the time of applying for membership:

  1. A Photo ID – in any form of the following : Passport , Drivers Licence or Garda Age Card.
  2. A Proof of Address – In the form of a recent household utility, insurance or mobile phone bill or bank statement ( recent means less than six months old – ideally three months).
  3. PPSN – While not a requirement for membership per say – it is a requirement under the Taxation on Savings Directive whereby every credit union must periodically furnish the Revenue Commissioners with details of all new account openings including PPSNs. A PPSN must be contained on a card, official form or payslip. Should this information not be to hand , you may still apply for membership pending the normal approval by the Membership Committee who meet weekly to approve all new applicants on behalf of the Board.

It is advisable for a new member to have at least €12 with them at the tiime of applying , €1.27 of which is an entry fee and the balance goes into shares , with the minimum balance of €10 being required at all times to maintain membership.

Entry to the members monthly car draw is optional and members should note that a minimum balance of €30 is required to ensure entry eligibility each month.

Members should note that from 01 Jan 2013, a local rule of a minimum of €100 in shares at all times will apply for Death Benefit Insurance (DBI) eligibility.

Minor Accounts

These are accounts opened in the name of a person below seven years of age by a parent or guardian. Parents or guardian opening accounts on behalf of minor’s are advised that they may lodge to such accounts but when the child reaches the age of seven the child assumes full control of the account and can make withdrawals. Photo ID for the child is required at age seven.

The person opening the account will require:

a. The minor’s birth certificate

b. The minor’s PPS number on a document from the State – optional but recommended.

c. The Proof of Address & Photo ID of the parents or guardian.

Children Over 7:

a.  Passport and original Birth Certificate in child’s name. If child does not have a Passport, then a photograph, signed by school principal/secretary confirming identity of child & confirming child’s address.

b.  Proof of Child’s Address OR

Letter on headed paper from school, confirming they are a pupil of that school and confirming their home address. The letter must be dated and signed by the school Principal/Vice Principal/Teacher or School Secretary OR

Doctor or Dental document stating child’s name & address, signed & dated.

c.  PPS number on a document from the State – optional but recommended


Members should note that if applying for membership after their 70th birthday that they do NOT qualify for Death Benefit Insurance or LPLS cover on loans or savings.

All applications for membership are accepted on the basis that they are unapproved until the member is formally approved by the Membership Committee which meets weekly to review all new applications.

Where the Membership Committee have a concern about eligibility for membership they may either refer the matter to the Board or reject the application – in which case the applicant will be informed in writing of the basis for their ineligibility and any funds lodged returned to them.

A member retains the right to have their application considered by the Membership Committee on the basis of the information supplied by them at the time of application.